Magellan Jets Review

The ISBAO and ASCF certified, and ARGUS rated Magellan Jets is a private jet brokerage based in Boston, MA, USA. They provide on-demand charters and membership-based jet card services to their customers; however, they don’t own any aircraft.

Instead, Magellan jets members fly on the jets from one of their 180 partners. The business model of connecting passengers to aircraft owners requires significantly less initial investment than buying and maintaining a fleet of luxury airplanes. Despite that, Magellan spares no expense in providing their customers with the most exquisite flying experience to destinations worldwide with their health and safety in mind.

Company Overview

Magellan Jets was formed in 2008 in the wake of a global recession. It was a tough time for private jet owners and operators. The economy was in shambles, and people weren’t spending on frivolous indulgences like flying in luxury jets.

In those dire times, Joshua Marc Hebert saw the potential in all those unused private jets. Hebert and his partner Anthony Tivnan founded Magellan jets: an aviation broker that offered luxury private jets for charter.

You’d think that starting a private jet business would require buying airplanes and shelling out millions of dollars for each plane. Hebert, on the other hand, went and contracted people who already owned private jets. One hundred eighty of them, to be exact. He paid them all in advance and hired their airplanes to be chartered using his platform.

By skipping the hassle of buying and maintaining airplanes, Hebert and Tivnan were able to make their rental jet broker business a roaring success. The company soon began generating massive sales and quickly rose the ranks to sit with one of the world’s top jet charter services.

About Company Professionals

  • Joshua Marc Hebert – Co-founder & CEO.​
  • Anthony Tivnan – Co-founder & President
  • Gregory Belezerian – Co-founder & Vice President
  • Todd Weeber – Chief Operating Officer
  • Thomas Harrison – Board Of Directors

Complete Services

Magellan Jets offers memberships, on-demand charters, and customizable jet cards. Passengers can select the option which fits their needs best. Each plan has its benefits.

  1. Memberships

Magellan jets offers two types of pay-as-you-go membership plans to its customers: basic membership and Premium membership. This is how they compare:

  1. Basic Membership
  • Members can book airplanes from the year 2000 or later.
  • Call-out time is as low as 24 hours
  • Basic members have one aircraft available for daily use
  • Members can pay for the Carbon offset program. Magellan uses this amount to help Terrapass reduce the carbon footprint in the environment.
  • Complimentary catering and onboard Wi-Fi is not included.
  • Magellan basic membership has an initial fee of $8,500
  1. Premium Membership
  • Members can book airplanes from the year 2007 or later.
  • Call-out time is even lower at 12 hours
  • Premium members have multiple aircraft available for daily use
  • Carbon offsets are already included in the membership; members don’t have to pay separately.
  • Complimentary catering and onboard Wi-Fi included.
  • Magellan Premium membership has an initial fee of $14,500

Features that are available to both types of memberships are:

  • 12-month lock of hourly rates
  • Option to select from four aircraft categories (light, mid, super-mid, and heavy)
  • Guaranteed availability on a 12-hour notice
  • No fuel or peak travel surcharges
  • 365-days availability

Magellan members can select from aircraft form these four categories:

Jet categoryPer hour rate (Basic)Per hour rate (Premium)
Light jet$5,128$6,032
Mid jet$6,831$8,075
Super-mid jet$8,753$10,403
Heavy jet$12,209$14,064
  1. On-demand charter

Magellan offers a fully-personal private jet solution in the form of on-demand charters. Customers are advised by Magellan’s private aviation consultants and hosted by their expert team of guest servers. These premium jets are available on notice of just 8 hours.

Magellan jets has a working partnership with IYC yachts to provide private charters at air and sea. Experience comfort like never before on a luxurious yacht on the finest seas of the world.

  1. Customizable jet cards

Magellan jets is unique in the way it allows its customers to tinker with every aspect of their preferred jet card and come up with a package that best fulfills their requirements. They can do that using the handy and descriptive jet card customization tool on Magellan’s website and app.

Jet card buyers can choose from four aircraft types: light, mid, super-mid, and heavy. Light jets seat six passengers, mid jets seat 7-8 passengers, super-mid jets seat eight passengers, while the heavy jets accommodate 10-12 passengers comfortably.

Jet cards are available for all aircraft in blocks of 300, 200, 100, 50, and 25 hours.


Magellan jets’ pet-friendly traveling solution let passengers fly with their beloved pets with them with the utmost luxury. Magellan promises to treat your fur-babies like any other member of your family.

Magellan also offers air ambulance services to patients that require urgent access to a hospital on a priority basis. The Magellan air ambulance staff is fully equipped and qualified to provide the best care to the traveling patient based on their medical needs. The aircraft offered in this service are from Magellan’s Preferred Network and are therefore at the highest standards Magellan can offer.

Magellan jets is the first private jet company to join the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF), supporting private jet fractional ownership and on-demand charter on the highest safety standards.

Magellan jets’ operation scheduling is carried out by its team of aviation experts and former pilots. Using them instead of salespeople gives Magellan’s scheduling team a deeper grasp of weather, safety, and mechanical issues. This ensures Magellan’s operation is conducted more seamlessly than its competitors.

Market Strength

After launching operation during one of the worst financial years in history, Magellan recorded a 1600% growth in revenue the very next year.

Now, Magellan jets’ estimated average yearly revenue is $38 million. Up until 2019, Magellan recorded an average annual growth of 30%. In 2019, Magellan observed a 100% increase in the number of high-profile individuals and companies joining their membership programs.

Customers Trust, Feedback

Magellan’s membership contracts are customizable. Members can use the online tool or app to select the number of flying hours, aircraft type, and aircraft size, plus any additional services like onboard catering, fuel surcharge discounts, ground transportation, etc.

Magellan jets’ co-founder, Joshua Hebert, believes their company’s custom contracts set them apart from their competitors. By offering the customers a wider choice and allowing the pricing to be flexible to such a degree, Magellan jets managed to make permanent members out of fliers looking for a single flight. These occasional customers eventually became the fastest-growing segment of Magellan’s member-base.

Magellan jets members have praised the private jet broker’s staff and onboard services. Customers say Magellan has spoiled them to the point they wouldn’t consider any other airline for personal travel.

Magellan jets believes in educating the customer rather than using slick advertising to snare them. Their website offers a detailed white paper with 9 questions everyone should ask their private jet company and Magellan’s answer to those questions. The customer ends up understanding the air charter business better while also having a relationship of trust established with Magellan.

Offer, Promotion, Discounts

Magellan jets also offer discounted and economical one-way empty leg flights. The seats are subject to availability, and scheduling is not customizable. However, for passengers looking for a truly premium way to fly, these empty leg flights can offer juicy discounts. You can check available flights and their pricing on their website through this link.

Future Growth Planning

Magellan’s owners are willing to take on the challenges posed by the recent pandemic and hope to come out strong as ever in the coming year. Magellan co-founder Anthony Tivnan says that Magellan was born under dire circumstances, and they’re approaching the recent pandemic similarly.

Anthony admits that air travel will never be the same after the recent COVID health crisis. However, he is critical of other airlines being slow to adopt various health and safety measures with their staff. Anthony hopes to accelerate this process and fully adapt to the new normal of air travel moving forward.

With the tax exemptions offered by CARES act to private jet companies, fliers opting for Magellan jets can secure discounted membership and jet card deals when booking on or after 31 December 2021. Magellan jets hopes to give full benefit of this exemption to its new customers.


With a dedicated team of hard-working visionaries leading the company, Magellan jets has a bright future ahead. The company was born during the worst financial crisis of recent history. The way Magellan jets was able to flourish under those circumstances, there is no doubt in this private jet broker’s resilience and tenacity.